10 Useful Skype Tips and Hacks You May Not Know

Skype app is the cheapest Voice Over IP service available with  many hidden treasures: from the ability to rename your contacts to a landline phone alternative. We made a top 10 Skype app tips that will diverse your Skype experience. Most of this hacks work on Skype version from official site, not the one from Microsoft store.

  1. Rename your contacts

Sometimes your friend or colleague chooses the user name that just doesn’t fit to your Skype contact list. It’s too long, too pretentious or too boring for your taste. Not a problem anymore! To rename a contact on your PC, right-click on the name and choose ‘Rename’ from the pop-up menu. On MacOS, iPhone, iPad and Android enter the conversation window with a contact and click the pencil icon on the right.

  1. Get the full emoticon collection

Skype usually gives you the access to its limited emoticon collection of current importance (holidays, new movies and games, etc.) Everything else is kept in a closet, but there’s an easy way to get there. Every Skype emoticon has its unique code, usually it’s a smile or a short descriptor word in brackets, like :$ or (pizza). You need to type the code in a Skype conversation and press enter. You can try and guess or find a full emoticon list made by other users on the Internet. Here’s one of them:

  1. Correct your messages online

Skype gives its users the ability to correct already sent messages. If you have accidentally sent a message to the wrong chat or made a mis-type, right-click the message that appeared in the chat window and choose ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ from the ‘More options’ button. If you need to edit or delete your message on iOS and Android, choose it in the chat, tap and hold until the pop-up menu appears. Choose the option you need.

  1. Introduce your Skype contacts to one another

It’s not technically a hack, more like a tip from the longtime Skype users. If you want to introduce two of your contacts to each other, find their names on your list and send invitations to the group chat. Introduce everyone in the chat and then leave the conversation to let them have their first tête-à-tête.

To add a person to a group chat on Windows PC and Mac OS, click the ‘+’ button and choose ‘New Chat’, than select a ‘New Group’ from the list. Select contacts from suggested list or click ‘Search’ and find the contact you need. To add a person to a group chat on Skype mobile app (iOS and Android alike) choose her name in your contact list, click it to enter the dialogue and then click the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the dialogue window. Choose the participants from the list.

  1. Share Your Unlimited Files

Not many Skype users are aware of its unlimited and more or less secure file sharing ability. Skype makes a great alternative to your email or Internet transfer services with the common limit of 25 MB. To share a file through Skype, enter a conversation with a person you want to send it to and choose a plus button. Then select a ‘Share file...’ option in a pop-up menu, find a file needed and click ‘Open’ or ‘Send’. Another way is to simply drag your file to the chat window.

  1. Show your actions in a chat

This is a nice option if you want to diverse you Skype chatting. You can show your actions to

the person or persons you chat with with the help of a /me command. If you want to tell everyone what you’re up to just type it with /me at the beginning of the sentence. For example, ‘/me is waiting for a group chat’. Your chat window will be updated with an emogram you’ve just made.

  1. Use Skype as a security camera

This option is a little bit more on a geek side, but it could be very useful if you want to keep an eye on your kids and pets. You must have a second Skype account and a second device for a quality spying. Set all the incoming calls to be answered automatically with the help of Advanced options and make sure the microphone and camera work well. Now if you call to this address from your spying device, you will automatically see everything in the room. Works on Windows and MacOS.

  1. Replace your Landline Phone with Skype

Your landline phone can be replaced with Skype: it’s much cheaper to make international and cell phone calls and the connection quality is just as good. You have to have a Skype number for it, it’s a regular phone number that people can dial to reach you. The number can belong to any country that has a Skype support. People from that country will pay local rates when talking to you, but in some countries you will have to prove residence for that. You can buy a Skype number on official Skype app page.

  1. Carry a portable Skype with you

This hack is available only for Windows PC users. You can get your portable Skype on a John Haller Portable Apps web page. It’s not an official app, but it’s perfectly alright. You can install it on a flash stick and use with any Windows PC.


  1. Transfer Skype contacts to another account

This feature could be very useful if you have many contacts you don’t want to lose and adding them manually is a drag. In the main menu click ‘Contacts’, then ‘Advanced’ and ‘Backup Contacts to File’. When you enter your new account, go to the same menu and choose ‘Restore Contacts From File’. Skype will find the VCF backup file and load all your contacts.