How to organize conference call on Skype app

Skype app maybe is not the most popular tool for video calls, but still one of the best. It is a simple and reliable way to organize video calls, which is called group calls on Skype. All the calls are free. All you need to do is find people in Skype and gather them in one group. No matter, if you are taking part in a family meeting or international business conference, you are not paying a penny.

Preparations for the conference call

You don’t need to use extra software to organize group call. The capability to make conference calls is built into Skype. And other people who will take part in the conference do not need to use the same device platform as you. They can use different systems like Android iOS, Windows mobile, Mac or Windows PC.

There is a limit of people who may take part in the call. Group consists of 25 participants maximum. So you and 24 other users are able to have an audio or video call to discuss something important. All of them need to be in your contact list. It is extremely important to make sure that they are added to your contacts before the call.

Skype offers to invite people who don’t have accounts yet or the app is not available for them. These people can make a call via landline or cell phone. However, you will have to pay for this call with the Skype credits, as the one who initiated the call.

Before you begin the conversation inside the group, you need to make sure that you have a fast Internet connection. This is vital, as Skype will not work if your Internet will be slow. Check if you are using the latest version of Skype and that you don’t need updates. Check your audio and video configurations.

How to Conference Call on Skype app

It is easy to arrange a conference call via Skype. At first click the button +New that you see at the interface of the program under your name. You can select option Call and then pick Call in the menu that will drop down. After that, the new conversation begins and you can add more participants from your contacts. The panel with the conversation pops up, revealing the list of your contact, so you don’t have to go anywhere to choose users you need to invite.

You need to remember that conversation is untitled at first. So, you can create the name for it, which will help other participants to find conversation by the title. Name it by clicking or tapping on the name and typing the name you want in the window that appeared.

Another good, but often underestimated option is the invitation of other participants of the conference by email. You will have to send them a link to it. Besides that, Skype gives you a web link that may be sharable. It was made for those participants who will join the conversation through their browsers.

There are settings that allow you to manage the conversation. As people accept group call, they can enter the conference. You can count participants that are already joined by checking the colors of their icons. Those who have already joined the conference are highlighted in green color, as during the random calls in Skype. The person that talks during the conference usually has a halo of light around its name and icon.

After the conversation starts, it does not mean there is no place for other participants. You can invite more people even during the conference. Just click the button Add and the upper right corner of the interface. Some of the participants may leave while others may join. The total number is limited by 25 people. Once the place became available you can reconnect people whose calls have been dropped during the conference.

The conference call in Skype allows you to communicate with a group by audio and video. You may also share different materials with them. Just add files using the + button and pick the file you want to share.  If you know that you are going to share some materials through Skype conference, you need to make sure that all the materials are easy to reach and your Internet speed allows you to do that without losing the quality of your video.

If you afraid of complications or the file is too big and slow to download, share the link with others. There is a text window always available, so you can send any text messages there or exchange links. Just open the chat window without stopping the conference. Other members of the group are able to send messages as well.

How to reconnect participant?

If during the group call connection was dropped unexpectedly, don’t worry. You can simply reestablish the connection without having to start the conference call all over again.  Follow these steps:

The user who was dropped out will see that the green button has changed the words on it into Join Group. So, by clicking on it, this person will rejoin the call.

If it did not work, click the tab Contacts and go to the Contacts list. Make sure that all participants in the conference are selected.

To add the dropped contact you need to click on his/her name and bring them back to the conference.

Once you have gathered the conference on Skype you are automatically in charge of it. Make sure that you invited everyone you need and their icons are green. Before starting the conference offer other participants to check their Internet connection, and video and audio settings. Once everything is arranged, enjoy the perks of a Skype group call.