How to view old messages on Skype Mobile

There are lots of situations when you need to go back to previous conversations in Skype, from discussions during business meetings to the arrangements of date, an old family recipe which you did not bother to copy/paste in a separate file, etc. The most important is that information that used to be there, right in the chat window every time you opened it, has gone. No need to panic.

It is only natural that after some time old messages start to appear in a chat window. It was made on purpose. Now your working space is clean and easy to use. The recent interactions are there. The goal was to not distract you from all your previous conversations. And believe us, you don’t want to see Skype screen overwhelmed with all the messages from chats you have ever had there.

However, there is a possibility that you may need to re-read one of these messages some day. So, the good news is Skype does not delete messages. They are simply not shown but still exist. While you have access to your account where you had all the conversations you need to come back to, you can view them. Of course, if you did not delete chat history. But relax, most of us don’t usually even bother to do this.

How to view old messages on Skype Mobile

The procedure is not painful and rather depends on how good is your memory. Follow these steps:

Sign in into your account on Skype where you had the conversation. Do you remember which account was it? Do you remember your password and login? Skype can help you remember the last one, but unlikely tell you which account was your account back then.

After you entered the right account and Skype is downloaded completely, pick the Contacts in the left-hand section of the screen. It will show you the list of your contacts from Skype.

Go down, reading the list, until you will see the name of the person you were searching for. Tap the name of this person lightly. You don’t want to make a call. You want to open the message window.

Turn your attention to this message window which will appear on the right side of the screen. Above the last messages that you exchanged with this contact, you can see a list of options. And here you see Show messages from: and the list or periods of time.

Try to remember when you had the conversation you are looking for. Click on the most suitable period of time. It does not matter if you choose Since Beginning, One Year or Yesterday.

Now you can reread the conversation to find the piece you wanted. If you don’t want to read everything, that is ok. You can follow the dates above messages.

For the future, the mobile app allows you to hit the star icon in the right upper corner on the contact. It will mark the contact as a favorite and will make it easy to find your conversation history. If you know already that there is a message that you will want to come back to later, use the Recent menu and select the option Mark as Unread.