Skype App for Android: Now You Can Also Wink!

Skype, with its high-quality video calls and instant messages, is considered a number one application for online communication. With Skype you get the possibilities that other messengers simply cannot give you.

Main Skype Functions

  • Skype provides excellent audiovisual experience not only for private chats, but also for video conferences with many participants.

  • Skype synchronizes with your phone and for a small cost you get the opportunity to make calls to a cell phone number of any country.

  • Skype integrates with Facebook, so that you don’t have to use additional Facebook or Microsoft messengers to chat.

  • Free Skype app is available for all platforms and popular with Mac, PC and even Smart TV users.

Advanced Level Skype

Besides all that, Skype’s flexibility is striking: no matter how old is your device and how basic its configurations are, the app will use its potential to the fullest. It adapts to any webcam and network speed there is. Its basic functions are simple and easily accessible: even your mum can make video calls with it!

However, more complicated functions are not so easily reachable. Sometimes finding the right menu button for changing a profile picture or screen sharing seems like a puzzle. In 2011 the app became a part of Microsoft family and since then one of the greatest developer teams has been working on its usability.

Skype is equally well optimized for both desktop and mobile usage. It will get the most of your PC webcam and your phone or tablet selfie camera. Originally created for a PC use, it is much more anonymous than such mobile services as WhatsApp and Messenger that require your cell phone number and data. Using Skype today requires only a Microsoft account or it can synchronize with your old Skype account, if you have one.

Skype on Android Devices

Skype mobile app has a little bit less additional features than the desktop one, but it doesn’t take that much sources and is much less sluggish than its computer analogue. All the main functions are in perfect order: you can chat, talk, make video conversations and get voice mail. It’s also seems more natural to use a Skype-to-Phone call function on your smartphone or tablet. Skype app will work fine on Android 4.1 or later versions and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. It is recommended to use Skype Lite for older versions of Android. It doesn’t have any advanced features but wouldn’t need much of your device resources to process the information it needs.

Once you found the app on Google Play, click Install button to start the download. When the download is ended, Skype icon will appear on your device home screen. You can either open it from here or straight from the Store. In order to begin using Skype you will have to sign in to your Skype account or create one. You need an email or a phone number to register it. When you sign in to your mobile Skype app for the first time, the pop-up message appears, asking whether it can manage your phone calls. Click ‘Allow’ if you want to make Skype calls on cell phones in the future. After that the app home screen will appear and you’ll have a chance to find out that Skype looks much smarter in its mobile version: on the top of the screen you will see menu and search buttons, below there is a list of your recent contacts, an address book and a Skype-to-Phone calls menu. To make your first call click the search icon and enter the name or email of your friend or relative. When you found the right person, click ‘Add to contacts’. Your new Skype friend will appear in your address book and you will only have to choose his username and click the call button to make a video or an audio call.

Enjoy your Skype experience

Skype version for Android is quite good and free. It lacks some desktop version functions but is quite flexible and enjoyable when it comes to basic usage.