Born in Tallinn on August 29th, 2003, this software creation became popular at the first onset. With 10,000 downloads on its first day and millions of downloads only a few months later, this prominent IT-child expanded the scope of influence all over the world very fast.

In ten years after release, its name was known among 300 millions of people connected around the world. We are talking about Skype, a telecommunications application software product, which is now in its teenage phase. Even more popular than before, it appeals users with its accessibility and simplicity.

Why do we all love Skype so much? The answer is simple: it’s just great. Over the years, this software application developed innovations and expanded the list of its useful features. So using Skype becomes even better over time.

What is Skype today? Watch in numbers below to understand the scales.

  • 300 million people using Skype daily.

  • 3 billion minutes users spend on Skype daily.

  • 2 trillion minutes are used on Skype video calls.

  • 1 billion downloads of the Skype mobile app.

Obviously, that this teenage app became the giant in the world of soft. Let’s continue to hang on to the communication benefits it brings to us and watch how Skype grows adult.