Skype Review

Skype IP Protection and Skype Security Tips: Protect Your Skype Account from Getting Hacked

How do you find different social media platforms? For sure, you will agree that they made
communication better, easier, and faster regardless of your location. However, how sure are you
that your account is safe?

If you have a fondness of using different web-based communication tools, then you may be familiar
with Skype. The online communication app offers international calls, video chat, and texting via an
Internet connection.

In this article, you will be able to get familiar with Skype as well as acquire important tips on how to
protect Skype accounts, how to protect Skype from DDOs, and more.



Skype is among the most popular web-based communication app where you can have instant
messaging, video chat, group video conferencing, group chat, and even image and document
sharing. It is currently owned by Microsoft and considered as one of the best inexpensive solutions
offering flexible VoIP services.

Another interesting thing about Skype is that you can operate it using different devices, including
desktop, smartphones, or tablets. Meaning, it becomes easier for you to link up or communicate
with other people around the worlds, especially if you are helping each other to make projects,
business, ideas, and more.



If you are interested in using the Skype app from now on, you can consider reviewing its features.

  •  Group Calls
  •  Caller ID
  •  Instant messaging
  •  Voice messages
  •  Group screen sharing
  •  Send contacts
  •  Group video calls
  •  Video messaging
  •  Send files
  •  Skype Number
  •  Calls to landlines and mobiles



Using Skype can be overwhelming until you discovered the risk of cyber attacks.

There are times that millions of people from different parts of the work are complaining about
Skype’s video chat issues. Some Skypes users experience connectivity problems while some are
having trouble connecting to the service or unable to send or receive documents and messages.

The Skype issues encountered by some users are speculated that hackers are behind those. Some
group of cybercriminals is attacking popular sites that cause a dilemma to the users. For example,
DDOs attack made it possible to shut down Netflix and Amazon. So, it is not surprising that Skype
might be the next target.

In the meantime, protecting your gadgets and learning how to protect Skype account is necessary.
And, here are important tips you can consider.


  •  Use Unique Passwords

One way of safeguarding your Skype account or even your gadget is by using unique passwords.
Avoid using the same password if you have multiple accounts because there is a higher risk that your
credentials may be stolen.

  •  Be Cautious

Before clicking a link, make sure that it is safe and will not store your personal information. If you
think that the notification or email you received is suspicious, then do not click its link. It might be a
phishing attack, so it is recommended to type the address of the website directly into the browser.

  •  Watch for Typos

Did you know that phishing scams are well-known for having typos? If you receive a notification or
email, it should be free from typos.

  •  Consider a Two-Factor Authentication

You can set up a two-factor authentication where you need to undergo two ways for proving that
you are who say you are before you can log in to your Skype account.

  •  Use Strong Security Software

Another way to protect Skype account is by using a powerful security software on your gadgets. That
is to have an effective defense against cybercrime threats.

  •  Check Your Skype Account

You can take advantage of some reputable sites that can help you check whether your email address
has been attacked in the data breach.


You will never know when DDOs attack will compromise your Skype account, so as much as possible
see to it that you what to do before everything goes wrong.

One of the reasons why people can easily pull Skype IP is because of the exploit the way app being
programmed. Using this exploit, the Skype IP will be exposed as long as the app continues to send or
receive data with your username while you are connected to the Internet.

Despite having multiple Skype IP and username changes, you can still get affected by DDOs attacks.
One of combatting this kind of cyber attack is by removing Skype or even avoiding connecting it to
the Internet without the intermediate connection. This way, Skype can be patched to fix the exploit
as well as blocking cybercriminals from getting your IP address.

This can of solution effective works on your Windows XP and up. Also, make sure that you will
change your IP after patching the Skype app. This can help you prevent Skype resolvers from
returning to the last known IP if they fail to find the current one.


Be aware that Skype already added a new default security feature which can help many users across
the world. The app will start hiding the IP addresses of the users by default. So, it is important for
you to update your Skype app.

In the previous version of Skype, the IP address was exposed making it possible for the hackers to
get your IP address and later on, target your computer.

To ensure that your Skype app is not exposing your IP, see to it that you are using the latest version
for your mobile and desktop. Mobiles users can easily download updates from app stores while
desktop users can go to Help > Check for Updates to know if an update is already available.


When it comes to easy and convenient communication, you can rely on Skype. However, due to
cyber attacks, your data security can be compromised. So, make sure that you have the best ideas
on how to protect Skype IP along with your gadgets.