How to Use Skype Voice and Video Chats on Your iOS device: A Tutorial

Why Choose Skype?

Skype is the default app for family video calls and online business negotiations. The strongest point of it, apart from free high quality video technology, is its availability for all platforms and devices. Skype for iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device is downloadable quickly with no payment required for its basic functions: text and emoticon chats, audio and video Skype calls, voice mail and file sharing.

Skype for iPhone was launched in 2009 and quickly jumped to the top of the app charts thanks to its PC predecessor. Its first version provided free audio and video calls among Skype members, but required Wi-Fi connection and additional payment for Skype Out calls. The latest Skype for iOS version was released in December, 2018 and and added a whole new set of opportunities to the infamous video call (file sharing, muting the participants, turning sound and video off without leaving the conversation). We made this article to help you to get the basics of this classic app.

How to use Skype on iPad?

  1. First of all, you must have a stable Internet connection to download Skype application from the App Store. Don’t forget to check if your device microphone and speaker work, without them you won’t be able to make and receive calls.

  2. Enter App Store, use Search panel to find Skype and install it on your iPad. Once you signed in to your Apple Account, the Install button will change into a moving circle that means download.

  3. If you have a Skype account, sign into a downloaded app that has appeared on your iPad home screen, if you don’t, you can register right there in the app, but you will need a valid email address to do that. To make the app remember your credentials check the box ‘Log In Automatically’.

  4. Now you can make free audio and video calls to other Skype users or inexpensive calls to cell phone users all over the world. To make a call you will need to add a friend to your address book or to dial a number in the softphone menu. You can enter a new contact name manually by tapping ‘Add a New Contact’ button or search for them in a search box. After you found the right contact and added him into your phone book (the button is to the right from the username) you can try and call him.

  5. To make an audio call tap the icon with a telephone receiver next to the name of a person you want to speak to. You can also dial the number on a softphone if you tap the call button in the main menu. Just be sure to put some money on your Skype Out account for making an outside call.

  6. To make a video call, tap the contact name to enter the dialogue window and choose the video icon at the top of it.

How to use Skype on iPhone?

  1. The download and installation process for iPhone and iPad are pretty much alike, you must remember your Apple credentials to download the app from the App Store. If you have an installed Skype app on your iPad and your devices are synchronized, the iPhone installation is not needed.

  2. When Skype is downloaded, the blue icon with the letter ‘S’ appears on your iPhone home screen. Every time you tap on the Skype icon, you will go straight to your contact list and audio and video calls menu.

  3. Skype for iPhone has very little differences from the iPad version: both are free for inside usage, the design is pretty much the same and so are the main functions. iPhone version is made more compact to fit the screen.

  4. To make a video call, find a contact you want to talk to in your address book or in the search box and tap a video camera icon next to his or her name. Make sure your Skype app has the access to your camera and microphone before making a call.

  5. To make an audio call, tap a phone receiver icon instead of the camera. Audio calls are not limited to Skype users. After you tapped a receiver button, you may choose between Skype account and a cell phone number. Outer Skype calls are available for a small additional payment.

How to use Skype on Mac?

  1. Before downloading Skype app for Mac check if your computer meets all the system requirements: working microphone and webcam, Mac OS X/ Mac OS 10.9 or higher, at least 1 GHz Intel processor and 1 GB RAM, the latest version of Quicktime.

  2. Search for Skype for Mac download page in your browser, its latest version is available for free on Microsoft Store. Download the installation file and double-click it, then drag the Skype Icon to the Applications folder to begin the Installation.

  3. After you installed Skype, its icon appears in your Application folder. Click it for launching. You will need to log in to be able to use all the Skype features. Enter your credentials if you’re already logged in on other device or create a new username and password if you’re using Skype for the first time.

  4. To make a free Skype-to-Skype voice call enter the latest calls menu or your address book and click on the phone receiver icon. If there isn’t any contacts in your address book yet, enter the user name or any other data on the person you want to add to your contact list in the search box and click on the ‘Add the User’ button. If you want to make Skype-to-Phone call, you will have to purchase a Skype Credit online.

  5. To make a video call you will need to follow the instruction from the previous clause, but tap the icon with a video camera instead of the one with the receiver.